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Apple HomePod 2nd Gen

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    Apple HomePod 2nd Gen

    Apple HomePod 2nd Gen - the ultimate smart speaker that delivers an unmatched audio experience. With advanced audio technology and intelligent software, the HomePod 2nd Gen produces immersive and high-fidelity sound that fills any room.


    But that's not all - HomePod 2nd Gen comes with Siri built-in, allowing you to easily manage your day and control your smart home with just your voice. Get ready to experience an all-new level of convenience, innovation, and entertainment with the Apple HomePod 2nd Gen.


    Apple HomePod 2nd Gen Features

    Engeging Audio Experience 

    Intelligent “Siri”Assistant

    Works with  Apple devices

    Control Smart Home

    Private and Secure


    Apple HomePod 2nd Gen Specifications



    168mm x 142mm

    2.3 Kg


    Touch Controls

    Yes (Multiple)


    Audio Technology

    High-excursion Woofer

    Array of Five horn-loaded Tweeters

    Room Sensing

    Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio



    Sound Recognition

    Temperature and humidity









    Apple HomePod 2nd Gen Overview


    The HomePod is an exceptional speaker that packs a punch. With cutting-edge audio technology and state-of-the-art software, it produces crystal-clear, high-fidelity sound that fills any space. 


    Whether you're listening to music or podcasts, the HomePod automatically adjusts to your surroundings, creating an immersive audio experience that will blow you away. 


    Enjoy amazing sound quality that makes everything you hear sound absolutely amazing with the HomePod.


    “Siri” Assistance 

    Experience the convenience of having Siri right at your fingertips with HomePod. From setting reminders and sending messages to controlling your smart home devices, everything is just a simple "Hey Siri" away.


    With HomePod, you can effortlessly manage your day and control your home's temperature, lighting, and more. 


    Plus, with Siri as your personal DJ, you can impress your guests and take your next dinner party to the next level. Enjoy seamless control and complete convenience with HomePod and Siri.

    Apple HomePod 2nd Gen Comaptibility



    iPhone 14 Series

    iPhone 13 Series

    iPhone 12 Series

    iPhone 11 Series

    iPhone XS Series

    iPhone XR

    iPhone X Series

    iPhone 8 Series

    iPhone SE (3rd generation)

    iPhone SE (2nd generation)



    iPad Pro 


    iPad Air 

    iPad mini 


    Look over the specifications of the Apple HomePod 2nd Gen in the “Specification” part.


    Apple HomePod 2nd Gen price in Bangladesh

    The latest Apple HomePod 2nd Gen price in Bangladesh starts from BDT. This 2nd Gen Apple homePod gives an immersive audio experience as well as Siri assistance.


    Where to buy Apple HomePod 2nd Gen in Bangladesh?

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    So, get your preferred gadget from Apple Gadgets.


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