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    Apple iPhone 11 Price in Bangladesh


    The latest Apple iPhone 11 Price in Bangladesh starts from BDT 60,999. iPhone 11 is now available in 3 versions 64GB, 128GB and 256GB (RAM/ROM). iPhone 11 price in Bangladesh is very legitimate at Apple Gadgets ltd. You can find the best cheap rate at Apple Gadgets ltd. Apple iPhone 11 comes in 6 different colors like Green, Black, Yellow, Purple, Red and White colors for the best BD price.


    iPhone 11 Review:



    Its look is a blend of modern and classic. The sides and front are essentially the same as an iPhone XR, complete with the notch in the top, the aluminum band, and somewhat bulky bezels (at most) compared with the iPhone 11 Pro and the top Android smartphones.

    The most obvious sign that you've got the latest iPhone is the large two cameras on the back of the device, enclosed inside a square of matte glass. The lenses make me think of robot eyes. The remainder of the glass is glossy, which is why this camera patch adds an exciting element of contrast. (The iPhone 11 Pro is completely matte in the back.

    I am a fan of the colors on The iPhone 11, which have an edgier look than those of the Technicolor rainbow that was part of the iPhone XR lineup. The muted colors include a mint-colored green, light yellow, and delicate lavender purple. You can also choose from white, back, or Product Red.


    Display and Audio

    Its Liquid Retina HD display is still 6.1 inches. It's the same as the iPhone XR, with an exact resolution of 1792x828 pixels. Our assessment of the panel is unchanged. It's an excellent LCD with vivid colors and a great brightness; however, it's not OLED-perfect.

    While watching a scene from Stranger Things, both the iPhone 11's LCD screen and the iPhone 11 Pro OLED screen offered rich colors and sharp detail; however, viewers' angles appeared smaller for that iPhone 11. The Pro's OLED panel also produced darker dark blacks, which resulted in more excellent contrast.

    In our tests in the lab, the latest iPhone delivered solid results. It registered an impressive 652 nits brightness more than the iPhone XR's 589nits. The panel also displayed 113 percent in the sRGB range of color. It's not as good as the phones that have OLED displays. For instance, Samsung's Galaxy S10 got 208.2 percent, as did the OnePlus 7 Pro 180 percent. However, it's crucial to keep in mind that Apple deliberately tunes its display to ensure that they don't have too saturated hues.

    The latest iPhone also had more powerful audio when I played Weezer's "Take On Me" track against my Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Samsung's phone sounded less tiny by contrast.



    The Apple iPhone cameras have been taking offense to the models like Samsung Galaxy S10, the Google Pixel 3, Huawei P30 Pro and Galaxy S10. Its iPhone XR literally couldn't hold any comparison with Pixel 3 in low light. Pixel 3 in low light in our camera face-off. What a difference the iPhone 11 makes.

    Check out this picture of a bouquet and vase taken inside in the almost complete dark. The picture from the previous calendar year's iPhone XS is an uninspiring blob of flowers, and you can pick out the individual petals and colors of the new iPhone's photo (even though there's noticeable background noise).

    With a brand new wide-screen camera with 100 percent Focus Pixels and more intelligent software, The iPhone 11 does a much better job snapping pictures with little or no light. Also, it has a Night Mode feature that Night Mode kicks in automatically, which means you don't have to tap or swipe to activate it like you would with Android rivals. When using the iPhone 11, you don't have to do anything. iPhone 11, you must maintain the phone for three seconds or more while shooting.

    We didn't require Night modes on both the iPhone 11 or Pixel 3 for this photo taken inside an unlit bar, but it was an enjoyable challenge to both smartphones. In this instance, the iPhone 11 triumphed in this situation, with an image that was brighter overall, especially when the overhead lights were on. It is also possible to see more details on the hair of the woman's in the photo of the iPhone 11, while Pixel 3 has more trouble because of the light shining behind the bottles in the upper left-hand corner.

    Another significant enhancement is the new 12-MP ultra-wide camera that joins the 12-MP standard camera. This feature lets you squeeze into up to four times the amount of scenes without the need to backup, thanks to a 120-degree view. It's a smart move. The new camera interface offers users a glimpse of the possibilities you can fit in the frame should you use with the super-wide zoom.



    Many smartphone makers are stepping up their game in the video, And Apple is no exception with support for 4K for both cameras, with 60 frames per second. Apple developed its cameras for the iPhone 11 to provide a more comprehensive dynamic range for more detailed highlights and smoother motion through cinematic stabilization.

    Apple allowed videographers to create duplicate quality footage using any lens while preserving the brightness and color when you're in trick lighting conditions.

    To test the video capabilities of the iPhone on the line, I took a walk through a gravel pathway along a trail in a park. I concluded that there's no competition between the latest iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. While Samsung's cameras produce more vivid greens, their colors are not as realistic. You notice more gradation in color along with more contrast and color in iPhone 11's video. There are more details in the grass and foliage in the video of the iPhone 11. It's also worth noting that the Note 10 also had a little more trouble in capturing lens flare.

    To make video shooting feel more seamless with shooting photos, Apple redesigned the iOS 13 camera interface to make it easy to take QuickTake videos. Just hold the shutter button until you begin recording the video. Then, you slide your finger to the left to continue the video. Be assured that if you hit the shutter only to slide your finger to the left, you can still capture bursts from still photos.



    Apple was already the most powerful CPU on phones when the iPhone 11 was launched, and the A13 Bionic processor in the iPhone 11 helped extend the lead the company had. (The A14 Bionic in the present iPhone 12 lineup is even quicker.) Apple states its A13 chip delivers 20 percent better performance compared to its predecessor, including graphics, CPU, and machine learning.

    The game Grimvalor ran smooth and smooth on the latest iPhone while I hacked or slashed through this side-scrolling game. There were no hiccups, even with multiple enemies appearing on the screen. I also really enjoyed having fun playing Angry Birds AR. I was able to walk up close to the animals before I shot my sling, and I didn't feel any stuttering while walking through the game.

    We also conducted GFXBench, another benchmark for graphics; this time, the iPhone 11 crushed it. In a test, in the Aztech Ruins High Tier offscreen test, it was found that the iPhone 11 hit 1481 frames (23 FPS) as opposed to 1,058 frames (16 FPS) in Galaxy Note 10. Galaxy Note 10. In the Normal Tier version of the exact test, it was found that the iPhone 11 hit 4,366/67.9 fps in comparison to Samsung Note 10, which hit 1,486/23 FPS.

    To determine the performance in real-world conditions, We tested the Adobe Rush app to edit an HD video and then convert the video to 1080p. This test on the iPhone 11 took just 45 seconds, which is almost as fast as last year's iPhone XR result. However, this still beats the Android rivals since it took 1:34, for the Note 10 Plus took 1:34.


    Battery Life and Charging

    The iPhone 11 offers excellent endurance. In the Battery test, which involves continuous internet surfing in 4G with 150 nits brightness, The iPhone 11's battery ran at an average of eleven hours and sixteen minutes. You can check out how the iPhone line-up performed by reading the iPhone 11's battery lifetime guide.

    The Galaxy S10 hit 10:35, and the Galaxy S10 Plus lasted 12:35. Its OnePlus 7 Pro was much slower, with 9:31. The iPhone 11 Pro Max lasted slightly longer compared to that of the iPhone 11, with an average time of 11:54. Less powerful iPhone 11 Pro lasted an average of 10:24.

    Although you can quickly charge your iPhone 11, you don't have a fast charger included in the box as you have for iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The higher-end models come with an 18-watt charger. Therefore, if you're hoping to charge up to 50% in less than thirty minutes, then you'll need to pay $25 for an 18-watt charger and $19 for a USB C to Lightning cable. Boo.


    iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 pro vs iPhone 11 pro max

    If you're unsure about the best iPhone to purchase, here are the significant differences among the various models from Apple. The most significant? iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro cost more than the iPhone 11, even with the models being sold at a lower price when they're being sold. (Neither Pro model is featured on Apple anymore.) In addition to the model, you also get a third rear camera with zoom telephoto, better quality OLED screens, as well as a fast charger that comes in your box and slightly improved waterproofing and faster LTE.

    Are all those worth the price? I think so, but I doubt it's worth it for most. Look over the iPhone 11 vs. iPhone 11 Pro vs. 11 Pro Max specification for details.


    Final Verdict of iPhone 11 Price in Bangladesh

    The iPhone 12 packs even better cameras and features an OLED display and 5G speeds. It's in stock at a discounted price. In addition, the iPhone 13 specs are even better. However, this iPhone 11 remains a good phone for those who want to save money.

    With the iPhone 11, you still enjoy a bright and vibrant display, excellent performance, excellent image quality, and long battery life. The only downsides to this model iPhone 11 other than the latest models in Apple's line-up are the small 64GB of storage on the base model and the fact that the fast charger is priced higher.

    So Apple Gadgets Ltd offers the best price in Bangladesh for iPhone 11. Don’t wait, buy iPhone 11 with the best BD price on the market before stocking out.

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