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iPhone 15 Plus

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    iPhone 15 Plus

    The Apple iPhone 15 Plus showcases an attractive and solid design, accompanied by a generously sized display featuring a dynamic island. Its A16 processor ensures seamless performance, while its excellent camera captures moments vividly. With an outstanding battery life, you can stay connected throughout the day. The inclusion of a Type-C charger adds convenience to recharging. Additionally, it offers essential emergency services that could be crucial in life-saving situations, making it a versatile and reliable smartphone choice.


    iPhone 15 Plus Features 

    • Comprises with blemishing colors with solid color-infused glass and aluminum 
    • A plus-size Super Retina XDR OLED display for a splendid visual experience
    • Dynamic island stays on the display and pops out with notifications and activities
    • A16 Bionic chipset incorporates advanced features to deliver flawless performance
    • 48 mp camera with telephoto lens and upgraded resolution to take excellent photos
    • Optimized utility of the large battery takes the battery life to one whole day 
    • Inclusion of the Type-C cable in the iPhone aims to enhance charging convenience 
    • Roadside Assistance via satellite is  added along with the SOS and Crash Detection for emergency help


    iPhone 15 Plus price in Bangladesh

    Know the latest price of iPhone 15 Plus by contacting our customer service. To get this iPhone 15 Plus you have to pre-order it through any of our selling platforms.


    Where to buy iPhone 15 Plus in Bangladesh?

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