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Mi Dual Driver In-ear Earphones

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    Mi Dual Driver In-ear Earphones

    Mi Dual Driver in-ear earphones come with unmatched high-definition audio along with a comfortable design.  This perfect design earphone comes with multiple incredible features to give you an immersive and uncomplicated hearing experience. The dual dynamic drivers with anodized aluminum cavities make it incomparable to the other headphones. 


    Why MI Dual Driver Earphone?

    It consists of Dual Dynamic Drivers

    It has Crisp Vocals & Rich Bass

    Comes with Passive Noise Cancellation

    It has Magnetic Earbuds

    It has Tangle-Free Braided Cable


    Immersive Audio 

    Dual drivers will provide a never-before-heard audio experience. Every note is vividly experienced thanks to the immersive sound. A combination of these exceptional and incredible audio features gives you the best audio experience ever. 


    Dual Dynamic Driver

    Rich bass and clear treble are delivered by the drivers, which together make up the dual dynamic driver structure, for a high-quality audio experience. While a single driver concentrates on a particular frequency range and ignores the mids and highs, dual drivers guarantee minimum distortion and focus on all frequencies to produce a full sound stage.


    Built for You

    A precise anodizing technique is used to create the anodized aluminum cavity, and it is then refined with a zircon sandblasting process. This makes the earbuds lightweight, scratch-proof, and resistant to fingerprints. The exterior shell has a sophisticated carbon appearance for unforced elegance.


    Perfectly Design

    The anti-winding braided cable is touchably smooth. Without having to worry about constantly untangling it, you may store it in your pockets, backpack, or case with ease. And it also gives comfort with its best-quality build. 


    Here are Some Extra Features

    3-button operation for better convenience and operability 

    Trigger the voice assistant by long pressing the play/pause button


    The magnetic suction design makes the storage process simple and effortless

    90° close-fitting design fits almost all smartphones

    The minimal wire exposure keeps the durability intact

    Soft comfortable anti-slip earplugs perfectly fit the contour of your ears offering exceptional comfort

    Know the full specifications of MI Dual Driver Earphone Headphones from the “Specifications” bar.


    MI Dual Driver Earphone Price in Bangladesh

    MI Dual Driver Earphone price in Bangladesh is BDT. The MI Dual Driver Earphone provides you with outstanding audio performance yet is very affordable in price.


    Where to buy MI Dual Driver in Bangladesh?

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