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Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic

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    Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic

    Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic is a modest budget in-ear headphone that contains some extraordinary features to amaze you. It comes with a sleek aluminum chamber along with a third generation damping system. These features combine together and create an extraordinary sound. Moreover, the simple outlook attracts you more and offers you to put the earphones in your ear and get lost in the music paradise. 


    Why MI In-Ear Headphones Basic?

    It has a simple but elegant outlook

    The aluminum alloy chamber makes it durable

    Balance damping system delivers a great audio

    The button and microphone make it easy


    MI In-Ear Headphones Basic Features


    Precision Built Aluminum Alloy Chamber

    MI In-Ear Basic is built with Aluminum alloy. This aluminum alloy headphone chamber is precision-treated with anodic oxidation and sandblasted with zircon. Altogether, the headphones produce a sleek, non-slip, non-scratch as well as fingerprint-resistant surface. The headphones also hold cut-prevention metallic edges to ensure a user-friendly finish. Two pairs of silicone earbuds complete the design. 


    Third-Generation Balance Damping System

    It packs a third-generation balance-damping system. The technology incorporates uniquely designed acoustic and air channels front and back of the sound chamber. Furthermore, the split air channel is designed in the front with a corresponding outlet in the back for richer. Combinely these features helps it to create more melodic mid-tones. The entire balance damping system optimizes tri-band performance to create crisper, more even acoustics and take you to the land of wonderful music without any hassle.


    The Button Comes with a Microphone 

    It has a button as well as a microphone adjusted with the board. The microphone delivers a great vocal performance whether you talk with someone. With the button, you can control Xiaomi and mainstream Android cell phones. It is capable of playing/pausing the music and accepting/ending call functions.

    Know the full specifications of MI In-ear Headphones Basic Headphones from the “Specifications” bar.


    MI In-ear Headphones Basic Price in Bangladesh

    MI In-ear Headphones Basic price in Bangladesh is BDT. The MI In-ear Headphones Basic provides you with outstanding audio performance yet is very affordable in price.


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