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Mi In Ear Piston Earphone Type C

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    Mi In Ear Piston Earphone Type C

    Mi In Ear Piston Earphone Type C - earphone is a headphone for type c supported devices. It delivers an exceptional sound with the help of its multiple striking features. 


    Why MI In Ear Piston Earphone?

    It has a Digital Decoder Chip

    It comes with an Aluminum Alloy Sound Chamber

    It packs a Metal Composite Diaphragm 

    It has a Balanced Damping system


    MI In Ear Piston Earphone Key Features


    Comes With Type-C Interface

    The earphone holds a type-c input that is universal. Hence, it is so compatible with most recent smartphones. The type-c interface is pretty fast in service which makes the headphone even more convenient to use. Just plug it into the phone and get the best sound performance.


    Includes A Digital Decoder Chip

    A digital decoder is included in the input type-c board. The chip contains a high decoding rate as well as accurate reduction. These attributes work together to effectively reduce the attenuation of audio during transmission and accurately restore music details. So you can hear great detailed music. 


    Balanced Damping System

    It packs a balanced damping system. technology has a unique design for the front and rear sound chambers that control sound and airflow passages. Combining these features helps it to create more melodic mid-tones. The entire balance damping system optimizes tri-band performance to create crisper, more even acoustics and delivers you a flawless audio performance.


    Metal Composite Diaphragm

    It packs a Metal Composite Diaphragm which helps to deliver high, medium, and low-frequency sound. Apart from this, the diaphragm also has a high-definition resolution in music. That restores high-quality music in front and delivers it to you. 

    One Button Manipulation

    It has a button as well as a microphone adjusted with the board. The microphone delivers a great vocal performance whether you talk with someone. With the button, you can control Xiaomi and mainstream Android cell phones. It is capable of playing/pausing the music and accepting/ending call functions.


    Know the full specifications of MI In Ear Piston Earphone Headphones from the “Specifications” bar.



    MI In Ear Piston Earphone Price in Bangladesh

    MI In Ear Piston Earphone price in Bangladesh is 1000 BDT. The MI In Ear Piston Earphone provides you with outstanding audio performance yet is very affordable in price.


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