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    OnePlus Watch

    OnePlus brings a smartwatch that helps you to be smart everywhere. It comes with a stylish design with lots of upgraded features. Connectivity, health, and fitness features along with the long battery life make it your smart partner. 


    Why OnePlus Watch?

    Stylish Design

    Seamless Connection

    Powerful Battery

    Proactive Fitness Features

    Accurate Health Features


    Awesome OnePlus Watch Features 


    Elegance on Your Wrist

    OnePlus watch is a fusion of Modern Craftmanship with Classic patterns. You will be dazzled by the curved design of the display. The striking cobalt alloy body with sapphire glass takes the elegance to next level. Besides classic cobalt, it also comes in two different colors. Classic Midnight Black & Classic Moonlight Silver. 


    Connectivity Beyond Limit

    Bluetooth 5.0 and powerful call features bring connectivity beyond the limit. It always notified you about incoming calls to your phone. Not only show notifications, but it also helps you to connect with your friends and family with its call-receiving feature. And all of this happens without using your hands. 

    Now you don't need your handset to listen to and control the music player. You can do it on the Oneplus Watch.


    Mega Battery Life

    Now you don’t have to worry about the battery life. Because a full charge provides up to 14 days of battery life for typical users. The battery life runs day and night, so you can too. Combined with efficient power management, explore the world without any distress.


    Up to 14 Days (Typical Uses)

    5 Days (Sleep Blood Oxygen Monitoring)
    25 Hours ( Continious Excercise with GPS)


    Be Fit with It

    It can be your fitness guide. You are able to get the perfect workout trainer, as well as get motivated with it. It made the workout process easier than ever. For those who love to gear up and go, satellite positioning for walking and running ensures fast, accurate data – with every step. The OnePlus Watch effortlessly tracks your progress and seamlessly shows you the report and improvements to reach your fitness goal. 


    Health Activities

    OnePlus classic is known for its essential and accurate health features. The upgraded watch tracks your every-moment health features and gives you the most accurate health update. It can monitor your Blood Oxygen Level and continuously updates you.  It continuously tracks your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to find out your stress level and notify you.


    Track Heart Rate Variability (HRV) 

    Monitor Blood Oxygen Level 

    You can check out the OnePlus Watch specifications from the Specification section.


    Oneplus Watch Price in Bangladesh

    Oneplus Watch price in Bangladesh starts from BDT. It was released in 2021 and gained popularity for its user-friendly features.


    Where to buy Oneplus Watch in Bangladesh?

    Apple Gadgets is a reliable and popular name for buying all kinds of electronic gadgets in Bangladesh. You can buy your desired Oneplus Watch at the lowest available price in BD. You can make the deal through Apple Gadgets Website or get it from the outlets. Surely you can get the best deal as well as quality after service.


    So, why are you being late? Grab Oneplus Watch and explore the trend.

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